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What is Assafoetida?

Benefits of Hing (Asafoetida) Cultivation

Anghoze is a group of plants whose organs contain compounds with medicinal effectiveness and are used in the pharmaceutical industry due to their therapeutic effects on humans and animals. In recent decades, after observing the side effects of chemical spices in the world, the tendency to consume medicinal plants has increased. About one third of the spices used in human societies are spices of natural and herbal origin. Among them, Cantaloupe is one of the most important and prevents and cures a lot of pain. The importance of the plant in the health of the community and its role in creating employment and income for rural households in Afghanistan has made this plant a key product.

Thirty different species have been identified in Afghanistan, three of which are well known in Afghanistan.

  1. White Asafoetida
  2. Red Asafoetida
  3. Resin Asafoetida

The White Regiment has a high economic value. History of Asafoetida harvesting in the mountains and large areas of previous years was carried out by people in a non-professional manner.

Until the best commercial examples are on the verge of extinction.

Fortunately, we have imported eggs of the White Asafoetida from Tajikistan and has been fully scientifically and technically promoted by The Zamin-e-Bastan Hing (Assafoetida) Cultivation Agricultural Services Company in Afghanistan for Agriculture enthusiasts.

Formally, in the central zone of Kabul and Jawzjan, active offices which have been managed by experienced engineers and technical personal.